5 R.I.R. Memorial Garden, Ballykelly.


One of our recent major contracts completed was a Black South African Granite obelisk, which rests on three Kilkenny Blue Limestone steps. This Monument is the centrepiece of a large memorial garden (above), which was landscaped to the shape of a shamrock, with certain features highlighted with Kilkenny Blue Limestone. The edging around the four tree basins and the large curved wall copings are all hand finished blue limestone, as are the diagonal trims which highlight the overall shape of the inner garden.

Phase 1 of this large project was finished in early August 2000. Phases 2 & 3 began shortly after that with the installation of a small 'touchstone' which was made from all polished 'Rustenburg' S.A. Granite and was mounted on a Blue Limestone Plinth at the entrance to the main garden (below right).

Recently the whole Memorial was relocated to the grounds of Ballykelly Parish Church. This required the Monument to be entirely de-constructed and moved piece by piece and re-built on the new site. The memorial garden is now able to be viewed by the public at its new location.