Glass Craft became part of the HASLETT GROUP shortly after its formation in 1997. Prior to this, Glass Craft undertook years of research into all aspects of the glass engraving industry in order to become experts in all the properties of the different glass types and the traditional methods employed in order to decorate them.

This research then led the development team to look into new technologies which were becoming available on the market. This equipment along with specially designed and adapted machinery allowed our ideas to become innovations which would take our craft to all new levels.

This blend of craftsmanship and technological innovation gives Glass Craft a distinct advantage over our competitors and offers a completely different angle to look at for our customers when considering corporate branding, signage or glass decoration.

We also currently have a PATENT PENDING on our innovative glass decoration system.


The U.S. Patent Office has granted a patent to GLASS CRAFT USA for their system of etching, frosting and engraving tempered glass. The process offers both environmental and beautification benefits. It distinctly reduces energy consumption as well as provides the ability to engrave sufficiently deep to retain several layers of color.

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US PATENT No. 7371153

EUROPEAN PAT. No.1924404

Canadian Patent Pending


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