All our Headstones are fashioned from the best Granites and natural stone from as far away as South Africa and as close to home as Donegal. These materials are cut, shaped and polished by a team of highly trained and skilled craftsmen to the exact requirements of our customers.

Hasletts can also provide grave surrounds in all material types to match our headstones as well as a large selection of chippings, vases and marble statues to add the finishing personal touch to any memorial.


(above left) The blue limestone Cross in the background, small limestone headstone on the left and the round top headstone on the right were all cleaned and renovated, while the Large Limestone headstone (above middle) was made and erected by Haslett Monumental Sculptors. The Cross (above right) is a copy of an early Headstone from the Irish Celtic church period c. 900ad. The Headstone is made from Kilkenny Blue Limestone with traditional panel cut Celtic designs and inscription in Gaelic fonts, finished in 23 1/2 carat gold leaf.
Our design and manufacturing team can produce Headstones which are made to your exact specifications using the latest computer design techniques and modern manufacturing methods. We can also supply headstone styles and shapes which are designed for modern 'Lawn' type cemeteries and graveyards, where size and shape restrictions may be in place (see below).

Our Showrooms have a wide range of black, grey and coloured headstones on display with a practically unlimited choice of sizes and prices. These quality memorials range from as little as 695. This price includes the erecting of the headstone, an allowance for lettering and the VAT.

This means that Haslett Monumental Sculptors can provide a quality memorial to suit every taste and budget.

We can also reproduce some of the older styles of headstone which have not been made for almost a century, these are specially manufactured to fit in and compliment existing memorials where a modern Headstone would look totally out of place.

These memorials often carry intricate tracery work which is cut into the stone and highlights and enhances the overall shape of the piece. These are reproduced by our design team and help to compliment the existing stones, examples of which are shown below.