The centrepiece of this memorial garden is a large curved and shaped wall, with a square pillar at each end, which stands over 15 ft tall at the centre point.



This wall was constructed out of over six tonnes of 'Modular Split Face', Kilkenny Blue Limestone blocks, each of which was individually cut and shaped on site using chisels and diamond tipped saws.

The top of the wall is finished with Disked Limestone Copings and each pillar is topped with a large Disked Blue Limestone Cap and Finial (each of which weighs over 1.5 tonnes). The memorial itself is recessed into the centre of the wall and consists of 5 Polished Granite Panels bearing most of the admirable achievements of this motorcycle racing legend, these are cut into the granite and finished in 23 1/2 carat gold leaf


At both entrances to the garden stand opening plaques stating when the garden was opened. These plaques also bear the Ballymoney Borough Coat of Arms which was cut into Grey Granite and finished off in fine detail in full colour and 23 1/2  carat gold leaf. The photographs below show some of the stages of the construction process and also the finished memorial on the day of the opening.

Our team was called back to the Memorial Garden in May 2003, to make and fit a solid limestone base for a bronze statue of Joey and his Bike. This solid limestone block was decorated on the top with 'sparble pickling' and has a 2" chamfer running along the top edge. This piece was placed using a large mobile crane (above right) and weighed in at over 1 1/4 tonnes.