This includes:


Cleaning and restoration of Headstones and Memorials.


Re-Lettering existing Headstones and additional inscriptions.


Structural restorations due to subsidence and accidental damage.


Matching and replacing damaged pieces which are beyond repair.


Returning 'antique' Headstones to their original state.


Making new Headstones to match existing Headstones.

Haslett Monumental Sculptors are experts in the restoration and renovation of Memorials and Headstones. Using a combination of traditional crafts and the latest machinery and methods, we can restore most headstones that have fallen into disrepair or that have been damaged or vandalised. If these cannot be repaired we can manufacture identical parts to those which need to be replaced and rebuild the Memorial the way in which it was originally erected.

Our additional lettering is guaranteed to be identical to the shape and style of the original inscription. The letters are finished using the same methods as have been employed for over a century to ensure an exact match in both colour and style. We can also restore existing inscriptions in a number of finishes including Gold, Silver or coloured incised lettering, 'Flush' lead and 'Raised' lead lettering. The lead lettering usually being found on older white marble and granite headstones.

Foundations and surrounds which have been damaged or have subsided over time can also be repaired and replaced, also seals can be reinstated after a burial or if the existing layer has collapsed due to excess settlement in the ground.

Below is an example of the total restoration of an existing Memorial. This project included the following:-

  • Clearing the site.

  • Making existing Headstone safe.

  • Removing and rebuilding foundations and seal.

  • Re-erecting existing Headstone.

  • Setting new matched granite kerbs and posts.

  • Restoring existing lettering with 231/2 carat Gold Leaf.

  • Additional inscriptions.




Memorials which have been repaired and restored fall into disrepair for a number of reasons which are too numerous to mention. Families moving overseas or too far away from the local area to be able to visit as regularly as they would like would be a regular complaint. We offer a Maintenance Service whereby we visit the grave twice a year to clean the headstone and any surround which there might be and ensure that all parts of the memorial are kept in the best of order.

This means that the memorial is always clean and tidy and in good repair, so that visitors do not have to take any tools or equipment when they visit the grave. This also helps prevent further deterioration to the material of the memorial and that any accidental damage which may be caused can be fixed before becoming irreparable.



It is a sad reflection on today's society that many memorials suffer wanton vandalism. These attacks are not restricted to grand or elaborate memorials - often the simplest family stones are the target of malicious attacks or are accidentally damaged.

Whilst it is impossible to prevent this distressing possibility, Stoneguard Insurance can ensure that any damage can be put right very quickly - even to total replacement of the memorial.

The cost of this long established insurance scheme can be as little as 5 per year, on a renewable 5 year term.

For further details and an application for Stoneguard, please email  your name and address to us and we will send an information pack to you.